Those special moments…

I wanted to start my blog with something that amazed me today.  Sometimes I (and many others I’m sure) get caught up in the business of life and go through the motions on a daily basis of doing what we have got to do.  However,  once in a while life taps us on the shoulder and opens our eyes to what is really going on around us.

I experienced this feeling the other afternoon whilst preparing my daughters lunch.  Chopping tomatoes from our garden, I stared down at each one of these amazing creations and felt a surge of amazement that these small treasures had grown into being under my tender loving care.
It left me feeling very grateful for what I have in life and I realised it gave me the same feeling that my crafts give me.  A scrap of fabric, preloved buttons, beads, felt and even tape measures can be made into something beautiful that will make you smile every time you wear them.  It is so easy to buy anything we want and throw it away when we have finished with it, but I have to say that I don’t treasure the items in the same way I do when I know the time and care that has gone into making it, whether it has  been loved before or made just for me.

The same goes for my tomatoes! It is both difficult and delightful to eat them as I remember the time and care I took to help them grow but taste outweighs their shop bought counterparts any day.  It left me thinking…if I find it this hard to say goodbye to a few tomatoes, what will I be like when I am waving my daughter off at nursery? Heaven help me 🙂