All things christmassy…

Just had to share this new creation with you.  After the success of my dove Christmas decorations at Dollies Daydream, I decided to see if they would work with robins.  They are a Christmas favourite I know but the reason I wanted to create them was to remember my favourite Christmas game.

There was one treasured item that always popped out of the Christmas box in our attic.  It was fragile and faded in places but our Christmas robin always joined us.  From one day to the next we would wake up and search for this robin because (thanks to my Dad) it would have a new home every day….on top of the cupboard, hanging from the light fitting or sat in the window.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without that robin.

A robin christmas decoration for my brother.

Now that Dad is no longer here to move the robin, it is my job to move the robin for my daughter and so the tradition continues.  So I designed them to hang over the fireplace or on the wall and it seems that they are as popular with other people as they are with me.

Roll on Christmas 😉

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