Simple pleasures

I had such a lovely morning today.  After a stressful time at work this week and feeling more than tired thanks to another early morning wake up call from my mini-me I decided we were going out.

On a whim, my mother, my daughter and I ventured out into a crisp, cool morning to walk around a local resevoir.  Greeted with dog walkers in abundance we plodded along in our boots and wellies to enjoy the fresh air.

While we were there, we gazed at the autumnal colours in the trees and splashed in the puddles.  My daughter was amazed to see pink “beetroot leaves” falling from one tree as was I.  Her fearlessness and curiosity astounds me every day as she investigated her surroundings and her independence leaves me speechless when she announces that she IS going to play in the puddles for 20 minutes because it was more exciting than walking round “the resev-puddle”.

When I asked my little one what she was doing with the bent stick she was holding in the water, she announced to us that she was fishing…for a zebra, a horse, an elephant and a farmer (heaven help them).  I was struck once again by the imagination she has and felt a tinge of sadness that we seem to lose that wonder, imagination and curiosity along the way into adulthood.

I came home feeling refreshed and thoughtful as I realised what a joy it was to see the world through a childs eyes because to do so I saw the world as the wonderous place it is. 🙂

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