Why "Dollies Daydream"?

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about where the name came from for my little sewing and crafty venture.   I had to admit that it had nothing to do with dolls at all.

I think creating a name is one of the hardest thing you can do – you want something memorable, magical and something that makes you smile when you say it.  When I thought of it though one thought came back to me again and again….Dolly Daydream.

It wasn’t so much of a thought but a collection of memories of one person, my Great Aunt Dolly. Once you met Aunt Dolly, she was not someone you forgot in a hurry.  Independent, spirited and a breath of fresh air in anyones life.  I always remember the little sayings she came out with and the fantastic stories she told.  To a little girl they seemed to be full of adventure and magic though looking back now, travelling miles on a train to nearly getting caught up in the white slave trade seems anything but.

What I know and remember about my Aunt Dolly is patchy and I will always regret not finding out more about her life and adventures but what I did know made an everlasting impression.  Nicknamed Dolly Daydream by my Dad, she really was a free spirit and did whatever she pleased.  If she let the opinions of others affect her in any way she did not show it.  She was the kind of person that made you smile because you admired her and secretly wished that one day you could adopt that carefree attitude that did not judge or criticise but just let everyone shine in their own way.

Unfortunately, Dolly Daydream seemed like a popular name for ventures in the big wide world but thankfully with a bit of adapting, Dollies Daydream was born.  I hope wherever she is she knows she inspired my new venture and is helping me along in whatever way she can.

No matter what happens, I don’t think I could have found a better name.

Until next time,


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