I’m addicted!

If you haven’t already discovered the site, you have to check out Pinterest.  I am addicted to it and can while away hours browsing through the many ‘pins’ whether its photos of newly decorated rooms or quotes and song lyrics.

This is not just a site for someone like me wanting to gather inspiration for craft ideas though.  Me and the other half are wanting to redo our bathroom in the new year and didn’t know where to start.  Then I found Pinterest….now I can browse tons of bathroom images and gather and ‘pin’ inspiring pictures onto a board that I can refer to again and again.

What do  I do if I am feeling a bit down….well I could browse my thoughts and smiles board full of inspiring quotes and images or even better sit and gaze at all the lovely images I have of beautiful men I….admire (ahem!)

I have heard that it is still being trialled and that may be why you have to request an invite to join but its definately worth it – if only for the trees you are saving by having all your inspiration boards online! Try it out for yourself but I warn you, it is addictive!

Enjoy x

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