Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Today, on Christmas Eve I rediscovered the joy of Christmas.  Until this year I tried very hard to capture that spirit of Christmas we always strive to experience but never quite managed it.  I reckon if someone could bottle the elusive festive cheer they could make millions.

This morning however, after a lovely time with my daughter that I felt the festive buzz.  We woke up and journeyed downstairs to enjoy warm croissants and milk for breakfast.  After we chilled in front of a christmas themed cartoon, we baked a cake together.  I always wish I could be organised and bake a cake ahead of time and ‘feed’ it as you should but its always nice to have something to strive for next year… 😉

You never know it might even be iced before the New Year! 
After spending a lovely afternoon catching up with family, we set about doing all the Christmas preparations I remembered as a child.  Watching Bella call for Father Christmas and listening for the bells on his sleigh was delightful and to see the wonder and excitement on her face as she heard ‘Father Christmas’ call out to her was one of the memories I will treasure forever.  
This evening we have laid out the usual treats for Santa and his reindeer as well as a few extra presents – Bella’s well loved dummies. Reindeer dust  has also been sprinkled on the drive to welcome the reindeer.  
I’m sure I’ll shed a tear or two tonight as I come to terms with the fact that Bella is growing up fast.  This year has been an amazing one for my family and for Dollies Daydream and I am grateful for all that I have and the memories I’ve made.  As I move into 2012 I look forward to the unknown.   There will be new journeys, endings and long overdue changes to come.  
Whatever happens, whatever life decides to bring my way I feel very excited at the possibilities and surprises.  I hope you have all experienced at least a little of the Christmas spirit this festive season.  Whatever 2012 has in store for you, I wish you all you wish for yourself and more.  
Wishing you a lovely Christmas.  See you in the New Year xx  

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