Words of wisdom :D

Marilyn Monroe’s words of truth…..

Love her – both stunning and wise! Here’s to bringing something ridiculous and pointless in to your every day. Today I danced around to a tune I love like a maniac.  Did I care what I looked like….no! Did it brighten my day? Hell yes.  What ridiculous thing will I do tomorrow? I have no idea.  What absolutely ridiculous thing will you be doing?

Here’s to doing one meaningless, fun and ridiculous thing every day just because 😉


Stumbling on my journey

Well hello strangers. You may have noticed that I have been quiet of late.  The truth is I am suffering not only from the effects of a heavy workload from my day job…there is no work life balance in teaching 😦 but I am also experiencing a severe case of the perfectionism-itus.  (It may not be a real world, but I feel it should be….)

A few weeks ago I was all excited as you may remember about my new ideas.  Well I have sketched, brainstormed, collected inspiring pictures and am full to the brim with visual ideas.

 I have sourced materials and put together colour schemes, I have played around with different shapes and textures.  I have even created templates for the different components of these pieces.  Despite all this, can I bring myself to start creating….no.  
So what am I going to do about it? 
As I was aimlessly browsing (in between prepping lessons of course!) I came across this.  It struck a chord with me and maybe it will with you too.  I am experiencing the age old feeling if I start it, the finished product won’t translate well from my head to my creation.  
Maybe when we are faced with this we need to take a deep breath and just have a go.  So what if I don’t get it right first time? What is it they say, practice makes perfect 🙂 
I am going to learn a little patience – these things take time.  I can’t remember how many hoovers James Dyson created before the first Dyson went on sale but I read today that it was alot! 
I am going to be gentle with myself.  I am not going to listen to those critical voices of self doubt and worry.  (and most importantly when I need a break I’ll make myself a well earned cuppa). 
Oh and of course I am going to remember this.  Sewing is my passion.  So tomorrow I am going to sit down and start creating.  If I make 100 creations before I am happy with it then so be it.   If I don’t I guess I’ll never know how good the idea turned out to be x

Just a little old fashioned at heart.

Today, I posted the photo below of my daughter on Facebook.  Underneath was the comment that not only did she turn the iPad on, at 2 years old she can navigate her way around the different apps and play or watch what she pleases.

During my time at school, computers were limited and if you typed up your homework, I assumed you were posh as you had a printer.  My Commodor 64 (and later an Amiga) was used solely for games…

I use technology more and more and like many feel as though my right arm has been chopped off if I misplace my phone or have no internet access.  Despite all this, I am struggling to make the leap from good old fashioned paper and pens when it comes to my creative thinking.

I have had a graphics tablet and pen to link to my computer for the sole purpose of storing my ideas electronically.  Friends of mine are converts and experts in using them.   I have a program that allows you to plan out projects, create mind maps and other whizzy things.  In theory they are great but in practice I’m not feeling it.  Maybe its my patience levels (anyone who knows me will tell you I have no patience at all), maybe its my perfectionism that expects it to work the first time and look perfect or maybe I’m just ‘old fashioned’.

I like the tactile nature of drawing, of turning pages of a thick, crisp notebook to jot down notes.  I like the feel of an indented page when I have scribbled and sketched.  I like knowing where I can find my musings instead of searching my computer for that elusive file I’m sure I saved….somewhere.

Seeing my daughter today made me realise how much we rely on technology – how accepted it is in our day to day lives.  I smiled when she couldn’t understand why my Kindle didn’t have a touch screen (Yes I said Kindle! heres me banging on about the tactile nature of books and yet I wouldn’t swap for my Kindle for the world!).  Maybe when she goes to school, touch screens will have replaced paper and pens…maybe, maybe.

Maybe I shall persevere with the technology – maybe theres a place for it.  I think one thing I’m sure of is that I am proud to be a stationary enthusiast (I know I am not the only one…) No matter how much I love my technology, I don’t think I can cope without carrying round my trusty battered notebook.  It will always be my old faithful and stay within a special place in my heart.


Like many people who create I have been suffering from a bit of a creative draught recently.  Maybe it was a reaction to being so busy before Christmas, maybe it was artists block or plain old self imposed pressure but whatever was responsible, it was truly annoying.  Here I was, having set the wheels in motion for the Dollies Daydream website and I was devoid of all inspiration.

My inspiration before has always struck right before falling to sleep and there I would be scaring my husband half to death, running around yelling I needed paper and a pen.  I had been hoping for these moments to come again, dreaming of them in fact.

Then just when I’d given up hope I was coming home from my first day back at work today: tired, dealing with a headache and attempting to navigate my way through wind, rain and traffic when suddenly inspiration struck.

taken from http://findreallove.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/believe-and-trust-do-you/

The flood gates opened and snippets of conversations, images and experiences came together and culminated in an idea for new work.  So here I am, inspired by my childhood, of magic, of fairies and the elementals to create new pieces of work for Dollies Daydream.

I am excited, relieved and curious to see where these ideas take me.  I am also left wondering when inspiration will choose to strike again!

The great unveiling :)

Well, here is the moment I have been waiting for.  All the ideas, emails and Becky’s creative skills have culminated in the new website for Dollies Daydream.

While this has been floating around on the web for almost a day,  I admit it has taken me this long to let you all know.  This announcement, while exciting and long awaited gives me the same feeling that those dreams do where you are walking around in public without clothes on.  It is another huge step for me in this journey into the unknown…eek!

As if it was a nudge from the universe to move forward, I came across this. 
So, why not follow the link below and have a look.  Please, tell your friends and bookmark it for the future. Feel free to let me know what you think and have fun roaming around. 
Here’s to getting busy doing what I love…. 
If you like the site and the magic Becky has worked for Dollies Daydream stop by www.beckylord.co.uk.  I can promise you you won’t regret it 🙂