Like many people who create I have been suffering from a bit of a creative draught recently.  Maybe it was a reaction to being so busy before Christmas, maybe it was artists block or plain old self imposed pressure but whatever was responsible, it was truly annoying.  Here I was, having set the wheels in motion for the Dollies Daydream website and I was devoid of all inspiration.

My inspiration before has always struck right before falling to sleep and there I would be scaring my husband half to death, running around yelling I needed paper and a pen.  I had been hoping for these moments to come again, dreaming of them in fact.

Then just when I’d given up hope I was coming home from my first day back at work today: tired, dealing with a headache and attempting to navigate my way through wind, rain and traffic when suddenly inspiration struck.

taken from

The flood gates opened and snippets of conversations, images and experiences came together and culminated in an idea for new work.  So here I am, inspired by my childhood, of magic, of fairies and the elementals to create new pieces of work for Dollies Daydream.

I am excited, relieved and curious to see where these ideas take me.  I am also left wondering when inspiration will choose to strike again!

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