Just a little old fashioned at heart.

Today, I posted the photo below of my daughter on Facebook.  Underneath was the comment that not only did she turn the iPad on, at 2 years old she can navigate her way around the different apps and play or watch what she pleases.

During my time at school, computers were limited and if you typed up your homework, I assumed you were posh as you had a printer.  My Commodor 64 (and later an Amiga) was used solely for games…

I use technology more and more and like many feel as though my right arm has been chopped off if I misplace my phone or have no internet access.  Despite all this, I am struggling to make the leap from good old fashioned paper and pens when it comes to my creative thinking.

I have had a graphics tablet and pen to link to my computer for the sole purpose of storing my ideas electronically.  Friends of mine are converts and experts in using them.   I have a program that allows you to plan out projects, create mind maps and other whizzy things.  In theory they are great but in practice I’m not feeling it.  Maybe its my patience levels (anyone who knows me will tell you I have no patience at all), maybe its my perfectionism that expects it to work the first time and look perfect or maybe I’m just ‘old fashioned’.

I like the tactile nature of drawing, of turning pages of a thick, crisp notebook to jot down notes.  I like the feel of an indented page when I have scribbled and sketched.  I like knowing where I can find my musings instead of searching my computer for that elusive file I’m sure I saved….somewhere.

Seeing my daughter today made me realise how much we rely on technology – how accepted it is in our day to day lives.  I smiled when she couldn’t understand why my Kindle didn’t have a touch screen (Yes I said Kindle! heres me banging on about the tactile nature of books and yet I wouldn’t swap for my Kindle for the world!).  Maybe when she goes to school, touch screens will have replaced paper and pens…maybe, maybe.

Maybe I shall persevere with the technology – maybe theres a place for it.  I think one thing I’m sure of is that I am proud to be a stationary enthusiast (I know I am not the only one…) No matter how much I love my technology, I don’t think I can cope without carrying round my trusty battered notebook.  It will always be my old faithful and stay within a special place in my heart.

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