Stumbling on my journey

Well hello strangers. You may have noticed that I have been quiet of late.  The truth is I am suffering not only from the effects of a heavy workload from my day job…there is no work life balance in teaching 😦 but I am also experiencing a severe case of the perfectionism-itus.  (It may not be a real world, but I feel it should be….)

A few weeks ago I was all excited as you may remember about my new ideas.  Well I have sketched, brainstormed, collected inspiring pictures and am full to the brim with visual ideas.

 I have sourced materials and put together colour schemes, I have played around with different shapes and textures.  I have even created templates for the different components of these pieces.  Despite all this, can I bring myself to start creating….no.  
So what am I going to do about it? 
As I was aimlessly browsing (in between prepping lessons of course!) I came across this.  It struck a chord with me and maybe it will with you too.  I am experiencing the age old feeling if I start it, the finished product won’t translate well from my head to my creation.  
Maybe when we are faced with this we need to take a deep breath and just have a go.  So what if I don’t get it right first time? What is it they say, practice makes perfect 🙂 
I am going to learn a little patience – these things take time.  I can’t remember how many hoovers James Dyson created before the first Dyson went on sale but I read today that it was alot! 
I am going to be gentle with myself.  I am not going to listen to those critical voices of self doubt and worry.  (and most importantly when I need a break I’ll make myself a well earned cuppa). 
Oh and of course I am going to remember this.  Sewing is my passion.  So tomorrow I am going to sit down and start creating.  If I make 100 creations before I am happy with it then so be it.   If I don’t I guess I’ll never know how good the idea turned out to be x

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