What a lot has happened.

So its been awhile since I posted anything on my blog, longer than I care to remember! In the past few months life has been hectic and suprising but most of all it has been interesting.

February brought the final transformation in our home in the form of a sparkly new bathroom. 

BEFORE: The only before pic I have – forgot to take one before they demolished everything!

AFTER: Our lovely new bathroom – I am pleased to say it still looks this lovely after this long….I usually end up breaking something when its brand new!

It also brought the exciting news that we are expecting a new addition to the family in October.  So along side morning sickness and a strange bout of the nesting instinct (which for someone who is naturally untidy was very weird!) we moved our little one into a set of bunk beds.

Bella and her ‘spaceship’ 🙂 
So between these changes, hormones and quite frankly depressing weather and snow, life hasn’t been short of surprises in 2012. Life as a crafter took a small hiatus while I caught up with only commissions being completed.  

One of the commissioned pieces I completed to accessorise a wedding outfit for a lovely customer. 
Maybe though with the welcome arrival of the sunshine, the peaceful days of the second trimester and the school holidays coming up 🙂 I can get back to living a creative life once again.  I hope each day brings you all smiles, surprises and sunshine too xx