Getting my mojo back :)

It’s been a while since I blogged on here.  Too long to be honest.  My silence began during my pregnancy with the gorgeous Georgia and I began preparing for life with two children.  I can honestly say that during that time; through those sleepless nights, the frantic days as my eldest started nursery and then school, Dollies Daydream and my blog has always been at the back of my mind.

You see, there have been two ambitions of mine that I have had since being small; to be a mother and to live a creative life.  It is true that in my other life I teach Psychology. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being in the classroom but my heart has always pulled me back to creative activities.

I haven’t always enjoyed every creative endeavour I have pursued.  In fact, during my A level Art course, I began to dislike art and decided against undertaking a degree in Art as a result of my experiences with a couple of teachers.

During the years that followed, I rejected all I had been taught and moved into teaching.  It was only after the birth of my eldest that I began to crave the act of creating – whether it be knitting, drawing, sewing or baking, I couldn’t get enough of it.  Although my experience has not been the same following Georgia’s arrival, I have decided I cannot ignore that nagging voice inside my head to craft. 

My ‘accidental’ success – my Christmas wreath. 

My return to Dollies was accidental.  Within my department at work, there are a couple of like minded crafters who arranged a relaxed morning at someones house with the purpose of creating a wreath to put up in our respective homes.  I tried something new and was so pleased with it I decided to share and was overwhelmed with the positive feedback.  Since then, I have made quite a few and regret not doing it earlier.

      One of my favourite custom orders

I say all this but looking back, maybe the time wasn’t right and the ideas and motivation just weren’t there. Everything goes in waves and I’m in no doubt that I will get a creative block again in future. What I am certain about though is that Dollies is back and I’m going to cherish the inspiration and ideas as they flow. I am grateful for the place I’m in at the moment and can’t wait for a fun filled, creative 2014. 

I hope your dreams for the brand new year come true too 🙂 xx