Setting myself a creative challenge….

If you have visited my Facebook page over the last few days, you will have seen me shouting from the rooftops about the wonderful new furniture I have purchased over the weekend.  Relieved of children for a few hours, the other half and I visited the Nichols Building in nearby Shalesmoor. 
Full of antiques, vintage items as well as craft stalls and workshops, there is always something to look at and covet.  I had visited the building in the past to attend a sewing course but I was so excited to show Simon around a place I loved so much.  As soon as we saw the sideboard and cabinet we fell in love.  When we saw the price tag we just knew we couldn’t walk out without them.

If you’ve already seen these then I apologise….well not really.  How can I apologise for wanting to show this beauty off?! 
Can’t wait to decorate the top of this with our own belongings.

When we came home (after a delicious lunch in the cafe) we were on a high and we both agreed….part of that was from knowing we had found preloved furniture that told its own story.  This got me thinking.
I don’t know about you but for so long, I have been guilty of coveting and buying ‘brand new’.  If I want or need something, I find it and buy it and with the help of phone apps and easy access to a computer, I can purchase it instantly.  After my experience this weekend I realise that there is a big difference between this kind of buying and purchasing upcycled vintage items.  To buy handmade, lovingly restored or upcycled items is so much more satisfying for me.  
For a long time I have often thought that I often overlook the skills that I have (for those of you who have read the blog before will know I have an ongoing struggle with that annoying critical voice in my head!) Saying that, I have had enough.  I will do that no more! I have decided to set myself a challenge.  From tomorrow, I will think twice before clicking that button.  Instead, I am going to think twice and see if I can upcycle, or indeed make it myself.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I will be chopping off piano legs and repurposing a baby grand to make some shelves for my bedroom…. Instead I am going to start small and see where it takes me.  With sites like  Pinterest there is no excuse for not being inspired to create or upcycle.  If you have never experienced this site, there is nothing you can’t find – including LOADS of tutorials and organisational hints and tips.

The thing is I have a variety of crafty bits and being a bit of a hoarder (who knows when that broken, dusty stash of jewelry will come in handy…) I am sure that a lot of the time, I have the resources to make things instead of falling into old habits and spending money.

So, no more idle talk, there’s my challenge.  The easy things will be making birthday cards and wrapping paper thanks to my stash of stamps and papers but this is a challenge.  I already have my eye on a tutorial for fabric covered storage boxes and these drawer organisers made from cereal boxes and pretty paper for my new drawers. 🙂 

Wish me luck – I will be posting about my progress in the future, no doubt showing you my successes and, I imagine, a few disasters along the way.  I hope that some of you will join me, or be inspired along the way.  I would love to hear your stories if you are already doing this: about your favourite make, the upcycle project most admired by others and any other stories you wish to share along the way.

Until next time….

Toni xx

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