First challenge project

When I wrote my blog last week, I thought this challenge would involve covering cardboard boxes and upcycling tins. I never thought it would involve furniture. 
I know that by now you will most likely have seen my new purchases from the Indie Arcade located in the Nichols Building in Sheffield. Well, this weekend saw my eldest daughter going to her Grandma’s for a sleepover so my other half and I have took the opportunity to spend some quality time with the little one and organise the house – with an hours notice the new furniture was being delivered the house needed some TLC! 
Saturday saw me and my Aunty organising the kitchen; rearranging cupboard contents, storing items we don’t use but are too precious to throw away and ditching the broken things. 

The cutlery has a new place! 

At the end of our organising spree, I was wondering what to do with my mountain of cook books (I can’t resist them!) the ones I use regularly got housed in the kitchen but there were still plenty that were housed on our bookcase. The only problem was our bookcase was never great quality and was ready for firewood. 

We discussed the possibility of asking Belinda from Nanny B and Grumpy to source a new bookcase and paint it to match the other pieces but in reality we weren’t sure if it would be a good idea. One reason for this makeover is to try and cope with a house we are undoubtedly outgrowing but unable to move out of at present. Truth be told, when we so move, we weren’t sure if we would still want a bookcase especially of the size that would fit here. 

Not a brill photo but I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture!

As I say, as it wasn’t great quality, the books we own had to be stored in the cupboard underneath. Without this, I knew we had no where to store them. 
Looking over the bookcase, I asked my husband how feasible it would be to take the top part off to leave the more solid cupboard below. Half an hour later, Simon was there, hammer in hand prising the top away. 

Ok, so there may be a few marks on the top where the shelves rested. I may not have done the hard work to make this change but I am proud with how it’s turned out. It has transformed a corner of our home and the cabinet has been transformed in itself.  I could have so easily given it all away for firewood and shopped for another bookcase. Instead, I have saved money we didn’t need to spend buying a piece of furniture that may have become obsolete in another house. 
I hope you like the first project as much as I do. Have you got an unloved piece of furniture at home you could transform or have transformed? 
Until next time, 
Toni xx 

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