Why buy when you can make?

A few weeks ago my cousin gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy and we had arranged to visit today. 

Knowing how much clothing babies receive I decided to create a wreath for his nursery with his name written in stars. 
Now usually, I would have nipped to the shop and bought some pretty ‘congratulations’ or ‘baby boy’ paper and cards because it was easy. However, with my recent pledge in mind I decided to put some time aside and make some. 


The crazy thing is, as I’ve already mentioned, I have quite a few stamps I’ve bought and been given over the years, I have blank cards and envelopes and I have a large roll of brown paper. Yes, it would have taken less time to buy some but, a little lazy and wasteful given all these supplies laying around 🙂 
First, I stamped a heart with pink ink over the brown paper only inking every two stamps to create hearts of different shades. (But I could have just as easily coloured it with felt tip if I hadn’t got any inks).

Big sisters gifts all wrapped up! 

Next, I used my stamps to create a card. I chose a congratulations stamp and a small star stamp that was part of a free set that came with a craft magazine. I used two shades of fast drying ink stamp – a pale and a vibrant blue. 

I then used this tiny star to print the wrapping paper. 

While I have used a stamp to do this, you can use anything to create a pattern/stamp. Just today I saw this picture posted on Freegle’s Facebook page that used an old rolling pin and some lacy paper to print paper:

My daughters have even used duplo and paint to print paper – they love decorating wrapping paper too! My Christmas present from a friend was lovingly decorated with potato prints. Although it wasn’t expensive, it meant so much more to me because they’d taken the time to decorate it just for me. 
Next time, I’m thinking I might go one step further and attemp to make an envelope out of pretty paper using a tutorial like this off Pinterest: 

I hope you’ve found something here to inspire you! I would love to hear about any of your homemade successes. 
Until next time, 
Toni xx 

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