My favourite thing….

Now while raindrops on roses and bright copper kettles are nice, there is one item in my sewing kit that I wouldn’t swap for the world. This treasured item is my pair of embroidery scissors.

I actually bought a pair for my brother’s girlfriend as a birthday gift, secretly wanting to keep them for myself. Made in Sheffield I knew they would be excellent quality and they came with a life time guarantee. 
So imagine my surprise and happiness when a month later I received a pair from them for Christmas. 

It is three years on now and they are as good as the day I first used them and anyone who knows me or is a fan of my Facebook page Dollies Daydream then you will know I partake in quite a bit of embroidery; from cross stitch to personalising many of my creations. 
If anyone is in need of a pair of embroidery, hobby or dressmakers scissors I can highly recommend this company. They even do kitchen, garden and left handed scissors.  If you want to pop over and have a nosy, you can find them here.

Until next time,

Toni xx

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