Why create? Surviving the days when creating is far from easy

There are days when inspiration flows, when I’m in the creative ‘zone’ and everything feels easy. These are the days I love. When I experience these periods, the difficult days seem very distant. I always liken these days to the times you feel healthy and you can’t remember what it truly felt like when you were last struck down with some kind of lurgy 🙂

Then there are the other times….days when you desperately wish to create and indulge in some crafty pastime but you can’t. You are devoid of ideas. You are disheartened by recent disasters or failures you were sure would turn out so well. You are longing for some ‘me’ time but you are simply just too burnt out. 

I often regard my crafts as a form of meditation; activities I can indulge in and let my mind wander, that I can relax with and switch off from whatever chatter is in my head. It is so easy when we are feeling run down to ignore the things that make us happy. I often push them aside, convincing myself I will return to them when I am more relaxed, focused or energetic. Just like meditation though, it is these times when I need to do something – even if I can only sew or cross stitch for five minutes. In those five minutes I seem to regain a small part of myself once again so I do feel more relaxed, focused and energetic! 
I shared on Facebook the other day that I have a key ring that says ‘Sewing mends the soul’. For me, I feel this encapsulates the whole reason I create – even when it would be easier to just give up. Even if no one bought or admired my creations, I would still have to create something because it’s my way of processing life when nothing seems to make sense, my way of finding time for myself when life is pulling me in many different directions.
So….when I’m happy I tackle the adventurous stuff – new ideas, templates and prototypes. When I’m having just one of those days however, I do something ‘gentler’ like cross stitch or hand sewing. Either way, each task is a journey where I come out the other side feeling a bit more refreshed and who doesn’t want that? 
I hope you find your medicinal pastime that calms you in those difficult times and the courage to indulge when it’s easier but less satisfying to turn on the TV. 
Until next time, 
Toni xx 

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