Pom pom fun

On Saturday mornings when my husband hasn’t been on a night shift the night before, he usually gives me a lie in. This week however I stepped up and returned the favour 🙂 

As the littlest insists on rising at 5am despite all my best efforts, I have to have a range of activities to keep them occupied. I hold my hands up now and say for the first hour, the time is passed watching tv and singing songs while  copious amounts of coffee get drunk. 
A few months ago, I had a bright idea to make pom poms with my biggest. After all I remember making them as a child and I loved it…..well let me tell you they were some rose tinted spectacles I was using when remembering my childhood. 
Making pom poms is awful. I excitedly cut out the cardboard rings and set about wrapping it with wool. I handed it over to Bella and showed her what to do – proud that I was imparting some crafty wisdom to my daughter.
Mere minutes later, I got it handed back with the cry ‘I’m bored’ my heart sank and dreams of mother daughter bonding making pom poms faded into the distance. So off I went determined to finish it…. I must have spent hours winding wool round those silly rings. To this day, the infamous pom pom sits on my desk unfinished. 

Then I turned on Kirsty Allsop’s latest series. It was a revelation! There is a genius out there who has invented pom pom makers! I know I am not alone in this amazement – I have had so many wonder-filled conversations with friends and colleagues about them. 

Needless to say I invested in some. They range in price and I purchased a few sizes with the majority of them coming from China thanks to good old eBay. 

I haven’t attempted the complex looking blue one on the left yet… 

So this morning, a vibrant pink wool in hand I taught the biggest to make a pom pom. 

True, I had to start her off holding the two rings together 

But once I’d wrapped the wool round a few times she was ready to take over. 
It took five minutes max to wrap enough wool round the circles. On the traditional version I don’t think I’d covered a quarter of it let alone wrapping it enough to make a pom pom. 

So we snipped the wool and tied the wool between the discs before pulling the discs away. 


Two rather large pom poms in under 10minutes! Amazing! Now I know how easy they are I’ve got a few ideas floating around of how to use them. 
If you haven’t got one of these I would seriously recommend one after all who doesn’t smile when they see a bunch of brightly coloured pom poms? 
Until next time, 
Toni xx 

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