Mother’s day gifts

Mother’s day – do you love it or hate it? I walked into a shop today and stood for at least five minutes listening to a group of women moan about how pointless it was; that every day should be a day when we show our mothers how much we love them, that retailers, card shops and restaurants cash in on those special days when we are expected to treat our nearest and dearest. To them, ‘a bunch of flowers’ is more than enough.  I admit, I did agree with them to some extent but I also see the joy and value in it.

Life moves so fast these days that sometimes, many of us become guilty of not taking the time to say the things we wish to say. True in an ideal world, we would say all the heartfelt things we wish to but we don’t. When we lose a loved one we are reminded of all the words that went unspoken and all the time we did not spend with them.   The last father’s day I spent with my Dad was in fact one of those times I will treasure – seeing his face as he opened his present and remembering how much he wore the t-shirt I bought for him makes me feel beyond proud. Father’s Day meant my dad had to listen to and accept all the kind words I wrote in his card – praise which I think, however deserved, was difficult for him to hear sometimes.

So yes, Mother’s Day may be a money spinner for retailers and the like but for me, it’s a day when I can take the time to go above and beyond the usual thankyou and show my mum how much I appreciate her.  Our relationship, like many has had its ups and downs but since I became a mum, I have seen her in a new light, appreciated her so much more and developed a new found respect for all the things she has done for me.

Over Christmas, I knew she admired the wreaths I was making for my customers but I wanted to give her something different, something she could display all year round.



During one of my trips to Hobbycraft, I saw this heart that I thought was gorgeous and perfect for her house.

It would be a sin to cover it with fabric as I do with my other wreaths but I knew it needed something.  I wanted to give my mum something feminine, something with a dash more beauty.  Through Pinterest, I stumbled upon the fantastic Lines Across. Her site it full of fantastic ideas and tutorials like this one for felt roses.

After reading the simple, no sew tutorial for the flowers, I cut myself three sizes of roses out of three shades of pink (breaking away from my mum’s usual favourite of purple!). I used nothing fancy: a reel of ribbon, tupperware tub and beaker to do this. I had no idea what size they would turn out but threw caution to the wind 😉

As you can see they are three distinct, differing sizes

As you can see they are three distinct, differing sizes

So I set about cutting them into spirals as Rachel suggests and winding them up. I opted to leave out the leaves purely on a whim. I have read some tutorials that advise gluing as you go while some prefer to wind them up and just glue at the end to allow them to manipulate the petals before gluing them to their object. I admit I tried both and possibly just because I don’t have full dexterity in my right hand and I was worried it would unravel if I pulled the ‘petals’ too much and lose the effect, I preferred the ‘glue as you go’ option.


While I was doing this, I remembered I had some crystal headed pins so I decided to see what they looked like in the centre….


Adding some sparkle

I simply pressed these into the centre and cut off the extra length with some wire cutters.  I added these to two of the roses – I think adding them to every one may have been overkill.


After playing around with the arrangement, I glued them in place. As the finished rose should be flat on the underside, they are easy to attach to any surface.

The finished heart

The finished heart

As always, even though I liked it, I worried what my mum would think. I am pleased to report the worry was unfounded and she is currently deciding where to hang it.  I love making presents instead of buying them – especially when I learn a new skill while doing it.  I’m sure you will see some felt roses in my future work sometime!

I’d love to hear of things you made for Mother’s Day and of any new skills you’ve learned recently. Please do pop over to Lines Across if you are looking for future inspiration it really is a fantastic site.

Until next time,

Toni xx


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