Back to ‘normality’


Last Thursday was the first day I had experienced without any dizziness. Over a week on the dreaded Labyrinthitis is becoming just a painful memory 🙂

Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed throwing myself back into sewing.

I’ve been preparing some new work templates….


I’ve been working on a development of my popular Safari wreath…


I’ve also been developing a new pirate themed wreath and doing some cross stitch I’ve got on the go as a gift, (can’t wait to show you that!)

I’ve also been making a few more pom pom flowers 🙂


This has all been amazing. For want of a better phrase – it felt like coming home. At the same time, I have also gone back to work. I cannot describe the difference I feel between the two roles. Once again, my heart is telling me where it wants to be but at the moment my head will not let go of the idea of ‘normal’ – to have a career with the fall back of a regular monthly wage (and I also appreciate the purpose of sick pay after these long two months).

I read someone’s blog page this week who had taken the admirable step to walk away from the ‘norm’ and followed his heart. How amazing would it be to feel so free?!

So….I will keep moving forward. I will read these inspiring accounts of people who have been true to themselves. I will keep working on the multitude of ideas I have building in my sketchbook and wait to see what tomorrow brings….after all tomorrow’s another day 🙂

Have you ever made a big leap into the unknown? Are you still looking for the right time to make a change? What inspired you to follow your heart?

Until next time,

Toni x

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