Simple living

The philosophy of Simple Living

The philosophy of Simple Living

I read an article this week about a guy who had adopted the idea of ‘Simple living’. For a while now he has been the proud owner of a grand total of 15 items – 15! From what I can remember in his 15 items he owned items which consisted of clothing, an iphone and a laptop. This article stirred up a mixture of thoughts and emotions in me; shock, wonder and fear amongst other things. Consequently, I have found myself pondering on the concept at random points during the week. Could I live with just 15 things? I’m not sure I could but I couldn’t give you a definite reason why. Ok I could probably live with a small amount of clothing – jeans, jumper, tshirt, cardigan and a posh dress for the special occasions. That’s five. Then trainers (which I live in anyway) and I’d have to have smart shoes to go with the dress. That brings me to… 20140511-103643.jpg

I’ve pondered about technology and I am afraid to say I would, like the guy in the article, have to have a laptop and my iphone. First of all, I could live without my laptop for work but beyond that, for music, tv and communication my mac and iphone can do it all. I could also live without my kindle as my iphone could have the app. (Things have certainly come a long way from this days I spend hours happily typing on my Commodore 64!)


Anyone remember this screen? 😉

So…technology included, I’m up to nine. However, this is where I fall down. How could I not live without my sewing stash: my thread, needles, fabrics and other supplies? Granted I could live without my sewing machine as any large sewing projects could in theory be done by hand although it would take longer. I don’t think I could limit my craft supplies down to single items. Without them, I am certain I would be a very different person and not in a good way. Sewing is my go to when I need to destress, contemplate and unwind. So…could I cheat and just lump ‘craft stuff’ together as one item??? Maybe not 😉

Then there’s the memories. My photo albums. My videos. Granted, newer memories are on my iphone and mac but the old ones, the treasured ones of childhood and of those who aren’t here anymore are not. These are the ones I need to revisit sometimes to refresh those often cloudy memories of years gone by. Those that remind me of how things used to be – of what my dad used to sound like, of how I used to be and of how our family spent time together. Life gets busy. Things happen and relationships change – for better and worse. We sometimes forget what the past was like or it becomes clouded by other things. No. I couldn’t live without those memories. They defined who I am and they were my life – it’s nice to relive them every now and again.

So I admit I couldn’t live with just 15 things but I have to admit, it has made me look at the ‘stuff’ I’ve got around me in a different light. There are lots of things I have in my home that I don’t use or need. Maybe now is the time to re-evaluate whether it should still have a home here. This has also made me wonder why I have some items in the first place. Maybe I fell into the trap of doing what everyone else does – I’ve bought stuff because I think it’s going to make life better/easier. I’ve bought stuff because I’ve thought I needed it (I probably didn’t). I’ve also bought things that I needed then but don’t need now.

Over the next few weeks I am going to keep this idea in mind and try to simplify my possessions.  I hope I will be successful as I truly believe you feel better when you let go of things that no longer serve you.

What do you think – could you live a simple life with just 15 items? Which ones would you keep and couldn’t live without?

Until next time,

Toni xx

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