Creativity amongst chaos


I seem to have been a little quiet on the writing front of late and that is because we have finally got the house sorted and put it on the market. It’s felt like a huge uphill climb but now we are at the top we just have to sit and wait, praying the right person will come along and love our little house.

Throughout all this, I have been trying to carve out some me time – time when I can complete orders, sketch and sew. I have promised myself that if I can only take half an hour out a day (or less!) it’s better than nothing….and it would be a huge waste of my super tidy craft table 😉


I have also closed my order book for now. I never thought I would be busy enough to do that when I began creating again. I have to say it snuck up on me but all of a sudden I was faced with that choice and for my own sanity and ongoing creativity I had to press pause. The difference in me was amazing – my head felt clearer, I felt calmer, I took stock and thanked my lucky stars.

So here I am, concentrating on orders and looking for houses. We missed out on the fun of looking for houses last time as we bought our house from a relative. This time, in addition to experiencing the fun of keeping everything super tidy, (not easy when my natural tendency is to make a mess!) we get to look round other places and decide where our dream home will be.

Exciting times ahead,

until next time,

Toni x


100 happy days revisited


Yesterday, my 100 days challenge came to an end. I can honestly say, I cannot believe how fast they went. When I posted my last happy day, it felt slightly anti-climactic. I don’t know what I was hoping for; a fan fare? A round of applause? A pat on the back? There was none of that if course but there was a change.

Yes, there was a few days when I completely forgot to post as I got swept away with life but at no point did I not post because I wasn’t happy. Every day I enjoyed moments of happiness. Some days were filled with it, some days, happy moments interspersed the tears, the stress, the tiredness but the important thing was they were there and I got to share it with others.

It made me look at life and wonder whether our default as a society was to look at the doom and gloom around us. When did that happen? Why should that be the way of the world? Looking back, I remember a pivotal moment in my life when I consciously thought to myself ‘well, if I don’t get my hopes up, if I don’t feel excitement or anticipation, if I don’t pray for the best, I won’t be disappointed if it never happens’

Now I look back and I want to hug that person I was. I want to sit her down and tell her how much she will miss, how much she will hurt herself if she walks down that path. In these past months, I hoped. I prayed. I got excited. I got excited and felt happy for other people and it was great. I dealt with any disappointments. They were worth it.


My 100 happy days have technically come to an end but I will still keep it going in one form or another. I don’t want to go back to being automatically gloomy. I don’t want to be Eeyore. I want to enjoy life and teach my girls to enjoy happiness and deal with disappointment. Whatever happens, if you want to look for it, you realise the good in life far outweighs the bad you just have to stay focused on the positive.

Until next time,

Toni x