Exciting find…

Another day feeling dizzy, another day on the settee with my daughters princess quilt. Apart from feeling dizzy and sick, I am not plagued by the listlessness and weakness that usually comes with illness.  This means that when I do feel like I can physically focus on something, I can surf the net for a few minutes or indeed write a blog!

A few days ago I purchased a new book from Amazon by Lilla Rogers

One of the exercises in this book is about discovering your likes, your dislikes and finding out more about those things that make your heart skip a beat. We may have some understanding about these things subconsciously but while I was doing this exercise, I realised that sometimes I don’t look at these collectively to see the bigger picture.  

While I was reading through one activity – to identify colours you are drawn to, I decided to do it a little differently.  Many of you will know by now that I am an avid Pinterest-er, so instead of doing the exercise on paper, I set up a new “Colour inspiration” board in order to pin my most favourite colours.

While I have browsed Pinterest many times before I always noticed pictures pinned by others that contained colour palettes complimented by pictures and fleetingly wondered where they were from. Well….today I found them.  In order to complete my activity, when in a less hazy state, I googled ‘colour palette’ and stumbled upon Design seeds.  I’m sure many of you reading this may have discovered this website many moons ago but to me it was a wonderous and exciting find.  

In my life, I have favoured different colours.  I am a big believer that our favourite colour will often change depending on our life, our experiences  and the challenges we face. In my younger years, everything I wore was blue of some description. In my early 20’s I favoured reds then turned my attentions to teal. Now, without a doubt, I am drawn to shades of purple – mostly the darker, richer shades. 

I began pinning beautiful palette’s at a fantastic rate.  Although there were a few suprises in colours, what I began to notice, is that I am drawn to the colours of the magestic peacock. 

I drooled over deep blues and rich purples. I stared at vibrant teals and opulent gold and bronze.

This exciting website has helped me discover more about my artistic, creative self but it has also given me ideas for future colour palettes for Dollies and also for my home.

I don’t think my other half is a big fan of Fuschia but I’m sure I can convince him on some of my other choices 😉

If you are a fan of colour, or want some colour inspiration for whatever reason and you haven’t stumbled across Design seeds like I did, I can highly recommend it! If there are any other websites you think I may enjoy visiting while I’m ill, please let me know.

Maybe being forced to rest isn’t such a bad thing after all…

Until next time,

T xx