Christmas here we come

So…who has got their decorations up? Who is prepared for the big day? Who is actively avoiding the whole idea of Christmas?

I used to think there were two types of people when it came to Christmas: those that love it – that dive into the festivities and everything related, and those that detest it and everything it stands for. Now I realise there is a third type of person – those that love Christmas, that love the idea of slowing down and spending time with family and friends but just find that the festive season passes in the blink of an eye and while they thought they were preparing well for the celebrations, suddenly it’s two weeks away and they still need to get everything sorted….I confess this is me this year.

I am yet to feel that Christmas buzz, that childlike joy, that moment when you silently say to yourself ‘now it’s Christmas’.



I have felt flutterings of that contentment while making my wares. It would be impossible to make Christmas decorations and wreaths without some festive spirit but I haven’t welcomed it, sunk into it and let it take over.


Thankfully, there is still time. There are still plenty of opportunities to turn up the Christmas crooners, to sip warming mulled wine and for cold walks in fields crispy with frost (and…fingers crossed a dusting or two of snow). There is time to finish our Christmas cards and gift tags too.


What is your favourite festive tradition? What was the moment you welcome Christmas? Here’s hoping it will be filled with happiness and magic for us all.

Until next time,

Toni x